Topical Exhibition : 27/Feb/2002
Los Cabos

At the lobby of the Los Cabos International airport(Mexico)
From Feb 27, 2002 to the end of March
Special Thanks to:
Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Los Cabos International airport, Deep Blue

Planet of the Apes
<Planet of the Apes>
The last scene from the movie "Planet of the Apes," starring Charlton
Heston, was filmed on a sand dune behind these rocks.

Happy Return
<Happy Return>
Baby sea turtles return to their home that had turned brilliant red
by the sunset on the beach of SAN CRISTOBAL.

Mobula diabolus
<Mobula diabolus>
A school of Mobula diabolus swims beneath the surface of the sea.

Land's End
<Land's End>
At the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula - a place known as "Land's End."

Blue Vacation
<Blue Vacation>
Overlooking "Land's End" from an Italian restaurant called "da Giorgio".

Lobo Marinos
<Lobos Marinos>
California sea-lions are friendly and are full of curiosity.

Shower after Shower
<Shower after Shower>
I hastily stopped the car at one side the road, and erected a tripod amidst a field of cactuses.

Common Ground
<Common Ground>
Humpback whales visit these coastal waters every year around December and January.

Neptune's Finger
<Neptune's Finger>
The sun rises through the fingers of Neptune,
the god of the sea in Roman mythology (Poseidon in Greek mythology).